A word from the company

Emeria Suisse, a subsidiary of the Emeria group, is a major provider of real estate services in Switzerland. This includes residential and commercial real estate management, condominium management, appraisal, real estate and residential real estate transactions as well as insurance and mortgage advice. These services are provided by more than 700 specialist employees located across the country, ensuring high quality and customer focused service. All the services we offer as part of our mandates for both owners and tenants are accessible online or via our network of more than 30 agencies throughout Switzerland. The real estate sector, like many other sectors, is facing numerous upheavals caused by digitalization and the changing expectations of institutional and private clients. If the Emeria Suisse group sticks to what has traditionally been the strength of real estate service companie...

The numbers

  • > 100'000

    Managed objects

  • > 700


  • > 60%

    Private and 40% institutional clients



Emeria (ex Foncia Groupe), leader européen des services immobiliers résidentiels / Smart Immo

A local and national presence

Our local presence guarantees knowledge of the market and its players as well as local technical management. This is combined with global services such as accounting, supplier management or reporting. The brands within the group provide these local services (such as technical management) and are an expression of our strong local roots and recognition.

European leader in residential real estate services

The history of Emeria begins in 1972, with the incorporation of Foncia in France. Since then, Emeria has expanded its activities with the acquisition of real estate services companies in Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. We are focused on improving our technological capabilities to optimize our efficiency and overall business offering. From January 2016 to December 2021, we made approximately 290 acquisitions. Our external growth strategy and the development of ancillary service offerings have been essential drivers of our historic growth.

Emeria across Europe

These are brands specializing in the management of co-ownerships and rental management, purchase and sale, property management, and offer a range of real estate services ranging from inventory and technical diagnostics to insurance brokerage, including security, maintenance work on condominiums or even the marketing of buildings. No. 1 in condominium management, rental management and property rental in Germany, Belgium, France and the United Kingdom, and No. 2 in Switzerland. Present in Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Portugal, Emeria is also one of the European leaders in property management.